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Regime-dependent robust risk measures with application in portfolio Zhu and Fukushima4 considered the portfolio selection models under worst-case CVaR .

Abstract: Biological soil disinfestation is an effective method to control soil-borne disease by flooding and incorporating with organic amendments.

ce que pilules amaigrissantes conseils efficaces

Nov 21, 2018 The application in Poyang Lake showed the practicability and reliability seasonal lakes; water regime; indicators; evolution; spatio-temporal .

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Jun 27, 2002 The cellular magnetic moment was large enough that R2′ relaxivity agreed closely with SD regime theory predictions for all cell samples .

Application of unstrained flamelet SGS closure for multi-regime premixed Thus, this regime of turbulent combustion can be seen as a situation in which locally M.S. Anand, Zhu J., C. Connor, M. RazdanCombustor flow analysis using.